IMG_7002.jpgHammerspace is a mobile art gallery based in Portland Oregon. We travel to where the people are instead of making people come to us. This takes aggressive marketing schemes out of art! Hammerspace does not select artists based on name recognition, how many times an artist has shown, shock value, or by how quickly a piece grabs your attention. Art will be selected based on quality, Hammerspace lets the art speak for itself and gives a platform for previously unknown artists. Because this art is in a relaxed public environment, people often spend more time openly discussing it and spend more face time with the art. Hammerspace actively puts art in the public realm away from the cold, quiet pertension that can be associated with gallery experiences.

Hammerspace gallery was created by Hailey Suydam, with artists like herself in mind.

Visit our Instagram to find out where you can see us next! @hammerspace_gallery


Definition of hammerspace:

extradimensional, instantly accessible storage area, which is used to explain how animated characters can produce objects out of thin air.